Good communication ensures consistency between home and nursery. When your child starts nursery we ask you to fill in relevant information about your child, respecting
confidentiality and data protection. The staff give daily feedback to parents about their child’s day and how they are progressing. Parents are invited to talk to the child’s key-person in more detail about how their child is learning and developing.

We keep parents informed, about what is happening in the nursery, by regular Newsletters, notices displayed on the Parent Notice Board, and by daily communication.

Children are encouraged to take home “Barnaby Bear” for the weekend to encourage personal and social development. We ask that parents complete Barnaby’s diary about their experience.

We encourage Parents to telephone during the day if they wish to check on how their child is doing.

No charges are made for a period of settling in visits (up to 2 hours) in order for you to share information with your child’s key person. Parents are welcome to visit at anytime during the day, we operate an open door policy. Mothers breast-feeding their baby are welcome to continue this practice if they are able (work permitting).

Please check the Parent Notice Boards regularly for information. You will also receive regular
invitations to several events we hold with the children throughout the year.

Staff - Our staff are qualified up to level 6 in childcare and education and attend regular training to update their knowledge. Area Managers are available to monitor and support staff in mplementing all policies and procedures. Area Managers are regularly in nursery to monitor staff performance and the quality of care and education given.

Key Person
- Each child is assigned a key person who has special responsibilities working with a small group of children, giving them reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with parents. Together, key persons and parents can ensure the needs of the child are being met, and progress is shared.

- Children must not attend nursery if they are unwell. Please note that Fees are
payable throughout any period of absence. A Sickness Policy is available to all Parents on

Nappies - Please supply 5 nappies and sufficient wipes and creams for each day of your child’s

Drawstring bags and water bottles - The children are provided with water bottles to
access fresh drinking water throughout the day. Bags are provided for you to keep a spare set of name labelled clothing.

Security - Our nurseries operate an effective door entry system so senior staff can perform a
check on everyone entering the nursery. CCTV is in operation in all the nursery playrooms.

Fees - Fee payments, are by standing order or cheque, and are due no later than the 5th of
each month. A late payment surcharge is levied if fees are not paid by the 5th of the month.
Should fees not be paid by the 8th of the month, the nursery reserves the right to refuse entry
of your child until payment is made.

Fees are not refundable due to sickness and holiday etc. One months notice in writing, or payment in lieu of notice, is required if you wish to withdraw your child from the nursery, or reduce sessions.

Childcare vouchers are accepted and discounts are offered for full time siblings and NHS
employees. Education Grant Funding is available for 3 and 4 year old children.

Holidays - The nursery closes for Christmas, Easter and normal bank holidays. Please note
that there is no fee reduction for such periods of closure. Furthermore, days and sessions that
fall within periods of closure are not transferable. Holidays include a 1 day closure per term for children in receipt of the education grant; this day will be used for staff training.

There can be no substitute for a visit, so please telephone and make arrangements to come and see us at any time.
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